Posted by: Shar & Mare | August 16, 2012


I am sure many of our readers are on I like the site and have met some very nice people. But, for those of us in the NY/NJ area, whenever I do a search and give a wink or sent an email, it will take you to another page showing 3 other profiles that are in line with the one you just responded to that you might like.

Well, for the past 3 months, every time I send a wink or email, it tells me I would like ABIGHEARTINNY.
Why is his profile so special? Maybe he owns and lives in NYC and wants to get emails from every female within 100 miles.

Usually, it takes you to a page with other profiles to view that are similar and they also vary. Except recently, when ABIGHEARTINNY shows up as my #1 profile to check out. I did check it out. He is 54, seems successful, has a sense of humor, is attractive, seems ambitious and genuine — my observation.

So, why do some profiles always seem to come up and yet other times you come across a great profile that never showed up but did because you so defined your radius search criteria. Makes no sense.

If anyone else had the same experience with this profile popping up every time you get on, please let us know. Has anyone dated him? Did he have a big heart? Did he actually live in NY? Did he measure up and was he compatible as match insists?

I am curious. I did consider emailing him, but he said he “probably did not” want more children. Now, I don’t know if I will have kids, but I need someone to be open to the option of kids whether thru birth, adoption, surrogacy … whatever method … but be open to the possibility.

I had to get this observation off my chest. LOL
Thanks, Mariann

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  1. Even if he does “Own”, you are destined to email him. Send him today’s blog…..

    • I also think Mariann should meet ABIGHEARINNY. If she doesn’t, I might…I’ve been getting “spammed” by with his profile too!! OOOO….wait…maybe we should BOTH meet him, on separate dates of course, then write a tandem blog post…Hey Mare, what do you say?

  2. Ruth Rendell writes about a soothsayer who reads cards. One of her decks is all Ace of Spades and Queen of Hearts. Since the patron doesn’t know this (And you’re not sure if ABIGHEARTINNY is your destiny or your con, you follow it as do Rendell’scharacters.

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