Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 13, 2012

One Tiny Ring…One Great Love Story

My mom passed on this Spring and my siblings, my dad and I are still feeling the loss. I was always in awe of the love story she and my dad shared. I’ve often thought that they were a tough act to follow in the “finding your soulmate” department, but at the same time they seemed a blueprint for what makes a solid and lasting relationship – something to strive for.

We all have our good days and bad days now, alternately breaking down still from the loss and sometimes just feeling her presence still in our lives so strongly that it’s almost as if she were really here, whispering in our ears.

So much love in a tiny ringOne of the things that is helping me through this time is Mom’s favorite ring, a ring I wear all the time now because it makes me feel as if she’s wrapped around my finger…and that makes me happy. And of course…there is a story to the ring.

Many years ago, when my parents were raising us four children, my dad found himself out of work. Mom was still a stay at home mom, as most women with children were then. I was old enough to know that things were bad, very bad. Money was tight and the threat of losing our home hung over us, vulture-like.

Around this time, mom saw a ring in a local jewelry store. White gold with a series of diamond bagettes, it was sparkly, elegant and beautifully simple in it’s design.

“Someday, when things are better – and they will be, you can get that ring for me.” she told my dad. He nodded and said sure, I’ll do that.

Not long after, dad saw a newspaper ad from this store, featuring the ring. He cut it out, folded it, and put it in his wallet.

Times did get better, dad got a job, mom went to work too. We grew and thrived. And one day, dad handed his “bride” a tiny jewelry box, wrapped in a yellowing newspaper ad. It became a ring she cherished, not because of it’s price or color or beautiful circle of diamonds, but because of the love it contained.

Now, it’s a ring I cherish for the love it holds and the memories it recalls.




  1. Love this story!

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