Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 20, 2012

DATING: A Love Letter – “Should I?”

Last week I was going through some of my beloved mothers personal items (she is 4 years in heaven). As I was going through some of my mom’s things, I found my father’s jewelry box and tucked away amidst his Irish Step Dancing Medals was a note … a love note my mother wrote to him before they married. So, it is probably Circa 1957.


I come from an Irish family, so they did not lavish a ton of physical affection upon you. A hug and a kiss meant the worrld to me. It was not idly given or thrown away. Words and actions counted and meant something. My parents loved their children dearly and they showed it in their selfless behavior, their care in providing a stable & loving home and their zest for developing our mind and talents. A poem, a letter, a smile with a nod and wink, or sharing themselves over a cup of tea is how my parents communicated love. And, I was lucky ~ I felt very loved!

So, when the care was taken to write a poem and expose your heart, it prodded you to take notice and realize how difficult it might have been … but it was so important, it had to be said.

Here is a poem written by my mom, Patricia L. Kelly O’Connor to her soon to be husband, Kenneth F. O’Connor in 1957:


Should I say I miss you
Do you think I dare,
Say I miss your smile
Or, how you miss my hair?

Say I miss your joking,
Or, the twinkle in your eye,
Say I miss your hand in mind
How I hate to say, “goodbye?”

Say I miss your dancing,
How we stay out so late
Say I’ve had more fun with you,
Than any other date?

Say I like the talks we’ve had
How I enjoyed your every word?
If I should say all this to you,
Would you think me absurd?

I know you think me silly
And serious, not a mite
But, should I say I miss you
Since you last told me “goodnight?”

Should I say these things to you?
I stop … I hesitate … then sigh …
I guess I really shouldn’t …
But maybe … dear me, “Should I?”

It’s innocent & touching and reveals her heart … and that gives me goosepimples!

Thanks, Mariann



  1. Omg. That was such a beautifully written love poem! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thank you for your comment! I really apprecite it. I love the purity and innocence of the love and how it was expressed!! I also found a book of poetry she wrote over a 3 year period and some of it is so sweet and yet other poems are so insightful and wise … fascinating! Thanks again for acknowledging it!

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