Posted by: Shar & Mare | September 27, 2012

LOVE: I want what my Mother had!

I have to admit, I am feeling like a fish out of water. OK, so my friends would laugh hysterically over that comment with quips like, “You’re just realizing that now?” Loving friends for sure! I feel like what I want is a step out of time with where current expectations in dating are these days.

I am coming up on 4 years without my mom here on earth. And, I wanted to go through some of her things and start to give some of the jewelry items to my nieces and nephews with a note that explained what the item was and some history to it.

As I was going through her things, I noticed I also had my dad’s jewelry box. My dad passed on 19 years ago. Now my father wore almost no jewelry and had very little in that area. But, what he had tucked away among his old Irish Step Dancing medals was a small note folded up. He kept a love letter my mom wrote to him called, “Should I?” It was so sweet. It captured a youthful love of innocence and wondering if you should risk sharing your feelings. I published the poem in last weeks blog post — so check it out!

I got misty eyed though. The note to me encapsulated what love and dating should be about. It captured a time when men knew how to be men and women were feminine and not afraid to be so and there seemed to be abundant respect and love between 2 people.

Is This Too Much To Ask For?
SO, I WANT WHAT MY MOTHER HAD! I want a man who knows his place and how to be a gentleman. A man who is kind and thoughtful. A man who would go to the ends of the earth for you. A man who wants to please you and have you be proud of him. A man who wants to care for and provide for his family and not fail. A man who is in love with a woman and makes her feel special and taken care of. Is this too much to ask?

Now is every marriage perfect all of the time? NO. Are there bumps in the road along the way? ABSOLUTELY. I see the world thru rose colored glasses but I am not that Pollyanna enough to think that people are perfect 100% of the time. But, they try and that means a lot.

I wish we could all just take a step back in time to a gentler time when courtship and respect and love seemed to be done with sophistication, innocence and heart. Then maybe I would not feel like a “fish out of water.”

Thanks for letting me share. Mariann

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