Posted by: Shar & Mare | October 21, 2012

Meeting In Our Natural Habitats…What A Concept!

I find myself “explaining” online dating quite often. It seems strange to me that it still bears explaining. I mean couples have been meeting online for as long as there has been an online. The idea of meeting someone through your computer is still a hard concept for people to grasp even after all this time.

Even those of us who do date online sometimes find it a bit unnatural, which is I think, why many singles lose the motivation to slog through profile after profile, send emails, get someone’s attention, send more emails, talk on the phone, set up a coffee or drinks date, go on said date, decide if you want a second date, yadda yadda yadda. You’re bored already, right?

I think this is why I sometimes miss the days of meeting in person. I suspect the big online dating sites know this too. is now offering Stir Events, wherein you go to a fun event, like a cooking class or cocktail party, and meet other humans in their natural habitat. What a concept, huh?

I haven’t been to one of these yet. I live and work in New Jersey and the closest Stir events are in New York. Not easy for me to get to as I’d have to leave work really early to get there. But I will make the attempt in the near future. It appeals to me, this idea of talking to actual live men! Mariann’s been to one or two…I think she should write a blog post about it, don’t you?

In my more old-fashioned reveries I’m Judy Garland meeting Mickey Rooney at the Soda Shoppe. So, please have an old fashioned soda shop event, or a sock hop. Okay sock hops are WAY before my time, I visualize a room full of people jumping up and down in their socks…LOL, but that could be fun too. These are things I’d lose a few hours of salary for.



  1. There are stir events in Philly… I think online dating has reached saturation. It’s not really growing much any more most of the people who are on match have been on match before.(at least in my age group) People are hiding behind their computers and not actually meeting. Most of the people I know on don’t go out on dates very often. It’s weird but I don’t have much interest in a person or profile I’ve seen three years ago.

  2. I notice that too MilkyMae. After a 3 year hiatus I went back on Match to find many of the same men from years ago still on there. I tend to use “newest” now in my search criteria.

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