Posted by: Shar & Mare | November 21, 2012

Dating, Love And Creativity

Dating, Love And CreativityAs a designer I love reading about and analyzing the work of other designers. As a writer and dating blogger my other big thrill comes from hearing about the dating adventures and, often creative, paths that people take from single to committed. So I really hit the creative/dating/love lottery the other day when I found this wedding invitation website.

I just thought this was charming and clever and so beautifully designed. They’re designers themselves who met on and I love the way they use illustrations, a story line, and interactivity to take you through their personal dating and love story! Take a few minutes to read through the site, I think you’ll enjoy it too.

What is it about love and a great relationship that brings out the creative and charming sides of us? I think it’s the happy endorphins, I really do. Even traditional wedding invitations have become personal statements about the bride and groom and their lives. I have a designer friend who’s business is invitation design. I love to cruise on over to her site, Thinking Paper, occasionally to see what she’s been up to lately.

Do you find you become more creative when you’re “in love” or even just infatuated with someone? I know when I’m really into someone I make more of an effort to plan fun and sometimes romantic dates. I can’t just bake cookies for my guy, I have to decorate them too…and I’m not a baker so this is HUGE for me!

Do you get more creative when you’re with someone special? Is this something you’ve ever pondered (or am I the only one who has too much time on my hands when it comes to dating and love?…LOL) I’d love to hear about your creative date ideas, charming marriage proposals, that grand romantic gesture that won your heart. I am SO in the mood for a good love story..:)



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