Posted by: Shar & Mare | November 24, 2012

Dating a StarTrekGeek

I have dated the bad guy, the good guy, and pretty much every type in between. OK, so I go for the nice guy, but that won’t be news to our readers. But, I think my new year’s resolution is going to date more geeks. Geeks are a bit quirky but there are benefits to dating one. I love biographies, comedies and love stories. Not so long ago, I met someone who is very techie — there is nothing he didn’t know or couldn’t fix. But, he loved everything about Star Trek — he was a Star Trek Geek. I admit it, I saw a couple of episodes with William Shattner, but allegedly, there are new series and all kinds of Star Trek movies. 🙂 I was introduced to a few, but I still love my romantic comedies and dramas!

His birthday came around and he was not a materialistic person and not into all the trappings of life. I was thinking a spa appointment but his face scrunched up really funny to make me re-think that decision. He had one weakness … STAR TREK. I kept getting Star Wars and Star Trek mixed up — he hated that. He was a true Star Trek purist. His passion about Star Trek was so over the top, that I realized, I had to get him something Star Trek centric. But where to go? I discovered What a find this site was. It had every type of Star Trek paraphenalia you can imagine from common and affordable to rare — and still affordable. I ordered a few items from StarTrekGeeks and hoped for the best.

We went to a great Irish pub for dinner and I then bestowed his Star Trek goody bag upon him. His face lit up. I think he was just so happy that I did not get Star War items. LOL. 😉 All the items were a hit and he seemed glad that I listened and actually respected that he had such a passion for something and I thought enough to support that.

I will not ever be a Star Trek fan, but I was a fan of someone who was and that is what mattered. My StarTrekGeek was cute and sweet and nice and did something so few men do … he asked questions. That alone sent me into the stratosphere … I think it was the Starship Enterprise that took me there! (Do I have that right! :))

My relationship with my Star Trek Geek did not last, but we remain good friends. Christmas is approaching, and I know I will go back to where I know I will find something special for someone who is now a special (Star Trek loving) friend. Altho, I may throw in something that is Star Wars oriented — just to throw him off just a bit!

Beam me up Scotty!



  1. I’m glad to see that provided a sense of nostalgia and in the case of your Life Bytes post a spark of “geek love” to those who visit. We pride ourselves on continuing to provide our customers affordable memorabilia spanning the entire series and had great fun reading your posting.

  2. Nice post! I am a Star Trek Geek, and yet other Star Trek Geeks can annoy me. There is always someone who takes it too far!

  3. Reblogged this on Smooth ReEntry and commented:
    A wonderful post about dating a Star Trek Geek, although she fails to specify whether he is a “Treker” or a “Trekey”. This post is tastefully done.

    It reminds me of this YouTube clip, that is not tastefully done. You can’t help but laugh out loud even as you feel sorry for the nerds having such a jerk crash their nerd party. It is funny though.

  4. […] This Post reminds me of this YouTube clip. The Dating a Star Trek Nerd post is tastefully done. This Youtube video is not. You can’t help but laugh out loud even as you feel sorry for the nerds suffer through this huge jerk crash their nerd party. It is funny though. I wonder if Triumph the Dog will be back for The Hobbit‘s release? […]

  5. I love that clip. I have it saved on my computer.

  6. […] should care about this topic. As my fellow blogger eloquently stated in her original post entitled Dating a Star Trek Geek, some Star Trek geek men are worth dating. For example, for you gold digger types, billionaire Paul […]

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