Posted by: Shar & Mare | November 29, 2012

We’ve Been Nominated For Best Dating Book!!

Well, we are just floating on Cloud Nine today. Mariann and I just heard that we were nominated for Best Dating Book by! We’re hoping you all will head on over there, scroll down to the Best Dating Book category and cast your vote for LifeBytes, Real Stories.

This news couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We are moving ahead nicely with reviewing stories and making decisions on chapters, choices, and more. Yes, it still is slow-going, but in the end I think we’ll have an amazing and completely unique collection of “mini-memoirs” that will entertain you whether you’re single or not. Mariann and I are so excited to see this project take shape. Through the unique voices of all of the author’s we’re considering, we’re noticing LifeBytes, Real Stories of Online Dating beginning to develop a voice of it’s own…SO excited to see this happening.

Well, that said, we are still looking for strong (and by that we mean sparkling, jump off the page, well-written tales) to finish rounding out our collection of tales. So, if you are a writer, blogger, or an online dater with a great story to tell. Please submit them to us. We read, re-read, discuss and review every submission we receive.

We are looking for tales about the funny, crazy dates you’ve had, an on or offline affair you may have had. We’ll have a section of cautionary tales, so if you’ve had a scary experience -write! We’re also looking for sexy, steamy, gently erotic stories and of course love stories. Bloggers take note: We are considering a section devoted ENTIRELY to bloggers’ online dating experiences (not dating advice posts or a how-to post, but a story about a personal online dating experience you’ve had)!

Oh and VOTE… please vote.

Oh and one more thing. Visit our latest post on Singles Warehouse too (we love those guys!)




  1. Congratulations! I’ve gone and voted, also, if you’re looking or a dating story I wrote one of my personal experiences on my old blog if you want to see.

    All the best!

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