Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 14, 2013

Tweaking The Online Dating Profile…Again

emailingI’ll admit it, I like all things internet…not just online dating. I’m a social media       nut. More so even than my son, who’s of an age where HE should be the one with his nose buried in his smart phone as he tweets, posts, comments, and blogs. But no…that’s me. My friends think it’s hysterically funny and my son…well, he just shakes his head and sighs. I think he’s beyond being embarrassed by me and has just accepted the fact that mom’s “a little different”.

So, of course I like online dating. Even though I find it frustrating at times, I still basically have great fun with it. Like all social media I’m on, I like to “tweak”…which means that I post different pictures every few months to see if I get more/different/better quality responses. Certainly not a scientific poll but those nice head and shoulders shots of me smiling brightly seem to be winning in terms of getting likes and emails and comments.

SEO Counts, Even In Dating Profiles

I also update my profile on a fairly regular basis. When I took up Yoga, I added that into my profile. When I briefly dated a guy who was really into cooking, he got me hooked on The Food Network and all things “foodie”. So of course my profile now reflects my new-found interest in cooking. And I have gotten interesting responses to new things that I’ve added to my profile. It does help too that and quite a few other dating sites will “bump” your profile up to the top of the search list whenever you make even the smallest change to your profile. Yes…SEO counts, even in dating profiles!

Men Are Visual Creatures

My latest tweak came about from a comment or two I’d gotten from online connections. A few guys commented that my writeup was a bit too long. Hmmmm….it REALLY ticked me off. Seriously?? My first thoughts were WTF…Are you illiterate?, WHAT? You have ADD and can’t read more than ten words at a time??. Upon reflection, and a glass of Pinot, it dawned on me that men are just too visual. Even the most educated of males will skim the written profile, decide if your pix are “cute” and take it from there. I think I need to learn some patience in this area.

So, although my “old” profile gave a clear and (I think) cleverly written overview of who I am and who I’m looking for, I shortened it. So, that is my latest tweak and so far it’s working …My inbox is deliciously full of emails and winks to explore. I will let you all know how it goes 😉

Of course, being a writer…I’d still love to find a guy who loves to read as much as I like to write…but I’ll start with the cute pix, shortie profile and see what happens!


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  1. I do not think it is question of visual but more of attention span. I must admit that I do not have time to read the entire profile if it is more than a few sentences. Of course I look at the picture first and then read the lines and try to read between the lines.

    • I’m guilty of scanning myself Lawrence! It’s the “reading between the lines” stuff that seems to take the longest though…:)

  2. Haha! I am on the computer much more than my almost-16-year-old daughter… but she is almost as bad as I am. However, I do not dive into the online dating pool, as I am too paranoid about “exactly what might be lurking” beneath the surface of the water. That, and 13 years or so ago, I had an actual stalker (Long story, perhaps for another time.)

    Either way, I see nothing wrong with your desire to stay connected to the world, and seek other intelligent life forms through every available means.

    (That is to say, continue your quest.)

    • Well, a stalker can certainly put one off on online dating. If you ever do decide to try your hand at online dating there’s certainly lots of advice out there (and here on this blog!) about how to get started, stay safe and have fun!

      • I had someone stalk me while I was on a date. I wrote about it in my book

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