Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 6, 2013

HELLO? Too Much Information

too_much_informationEver been out on a date and you are having fun talking and then someone shares something with you that makes you wince and think, “yikes, that was just too much information.” It can completely throw you off your game. Suddenly, it can be like the purple elephant in the room and all you can focus on is that one tidbit of information you did not want to know.


It’s akin to an experience I had where an author friend brought me to meet a friend of hers who was a psychic, mind reader and intuitive. We were going to her suite at a posh NYC Hotel to have dinner and my friend told me this info about her friend about 30 seconds before we got to the door. And, of course, all I could do was think, “is she reading my mind now? Her husband is sort of cute, I don’t see them together … ugh oh … did she just hear that? Nope, I am only going to have simple and positive thoughts. God, I really would love some champagne. Why didn’t they order any drinks? Ugh-oh, I hope that wasn’t rude and she can read my mind and now she thinks I am annoyed.”  Well, that is how my thoughts went for the next 3 hours. It was terrible. Although she did tell me she did not see me with the guy I was with, that my technical job was killing my creative self and said I should move asap and go to CA where I would meet someone who was very laid back, almost like an older surfer dude, and get serious with him. WOW! I did break up with the guy. Did not move to CA. Yes, would like to not work in Corp America. But, I much prefer sophistic blue double breasted suit or swim suit surfer dude. I’ll keep you posted.


But, I digress. We have all said things at times we wish we hadn’t. But recently, I met someone on line and he seemed nice. We finally chatted live and he told me that he loved to be told what to do … that he was like a cocker spaniel and was easy to train … and he loved by lingerie and would prefer to do that over baseball, which he loved. OK, he told me 3 times that he would love to buy me lingerie. That was TMI and quite icky! I did not go out with him. Besides, I want to date a guy, not a dog!

I caution myself and others that perhaps they think before they talk … count to 10 and say to yourself, “is what I am about to say too much info or inappropriate? “If you don’t answer NO immediately, then keep your mouth shut and think of something else to say. Especially on a first date or two it really is good to just keep it light and interesting so you can learn about each other over time.


Have you ever had one of those, “ugh-on TMI” moments? Please share!
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