Posted by: Shar & Mare | March 7, 2013

It’s Raining Men…. Hallelujah.


This week’s ear-worm is that 80’s dance anthem from The Weather Girls, “It’s Raining Men”. Why? Because for me, it apparently IS raining men. I’ve suddenly and somewhat inexplicably become very popular on I’ve been favorited, winked at, Liked, and emailed by more men in the past two weeks than have noticed me in the last six months.

Why, Men…Why?

I wish I knew why I have such a sudden appeal, I’d bottle it, sell it, or maybe just dab it behind my ears! I’m certainly not complaining. I just can’t figure it out. I haven’t  changed my photo or updated my profile in the last month. My subscription isn’t about to expire – because I have noticed in the past that there’s an uptick in responses when I’m about to be asked to pony-up my credit card info again. (Clever, very clever)

Perhaps it’s just in the stars for me this month. Maybe the planets have aligned to give me a “come-hither” aura online. Whatever the case may be, I’m happy to just go with the flow and enjoy the attention. In the past I’ve often wondered if Match has inadvertently hidden my profile, because I get nothing….literally nothing from any male there. I email…no response, I wink…no response, my profile sits there day in and day out and…nothing, not a nibble. But the past few weeks?…So far I have at least two men lined up to chat with over the phone and possibly meet, and that’s making me very happy.

I’ll Just Enjoy These Men While I Can

Sometimes, it’s better not to over-think things like online attention. I tend to over-think a lot of things and this in turn causes most of my stress and sleepless nights. I’ll just see where this turn of events takes me. With any luck they will take me to at least a few dinner dates.

In the meantime, please enjoy my ear-worm.


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  1. Do more emails and winks really help? I’ve never been able to translate more attention online into more attention in real life. I think these men are probably contacting more women in general. So l end up wanting more and giving less.

  2. Could be they ARE just contacting lots of women. I’ve certainly been subjected to the “surf by winking”, in which I’m just one of a huge list of women whom someone has winked at. I do have to say, when I get some wanted attention on line (emails, winks, or whatever) I do follow up on them.

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