Posted by: Shar & Mare | February 28, 2013

Book Publishing, and Other Fun News!

The Man Plan, A Guy's Guide to Planning the Perfect DateSpring is on it’s way…and so are some exciting new developments here at LifeBytes. First, we are in the final stages of publishing our first book! Around the end of March we will be offering “The Man Plan, A Guy’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Date” (note to everyone waiting for “Real Stories of Online Dating”….we are still working on that too…more news to come on that front in the next month or two!).

How to WOW Your Sweetie!

“The Man Plan, A Guy’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Date” contains all a man needs to know to WOW his sweetie with dates for every occasion. In it you’ll find Ten Tips for Planning a Date, along with Date Ideas for every occasion. We offer tips and suggestions for every type of date imaginable, from casual first dates, to sexy dates, to full-out romantic dates. We even offer some ideas on  “pop the question” dates.

A Book For Men and The Women Who Love Them

We think this will be a reference guide that men (and YES even the women who love and date them) will refer to again and again. “The Man Plan” will be available in print and eBook versions. We’ll be posting the final publishing date here as soon as we have it, so stay tuned.

In other news, we’re also in the process of combining our website and our blog here at WordPress into one site. We hope to have that done in the next week or two and we hope that you’ll all visit…and visit often. We’ll be continuing our regular blog entries there, we’ll be able to give you more news and updates on our books, and of course you’ll be able to purchase “The Man Plan” and “Real Stories” when it’s available.


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