Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 31, 2013

We are VOTED 10 Best Online Dating Experts

__FullColorSharon and I are happy and proud to announce that we at the LIFEBYTES Blog have been voted one of the TOP 10 BEST ONLINE DATING EXPERTS by

In case you were wondering who is, they are a go to site for all things Dating & Relationships! Since their launch in May 2012 they’ve received 180,000 unique views and 500,000 page views per month from those seeking dating and relationship advice, and those numbers continue to rise. They get regular mentions on major networks such as CNN, FoxNews, HLN and others.

You can check out the site at:

Sharon and I started the LifeBytes Blog just about 4 years ago and we have published almost 300 posts. We love to share our experiences and advice and thoughts. And, we welcome feedback and comments from viewers.

Sharon and I would like to thank all of our followers for their loyalty and support. It warms our hearts to see comments and have people invested in what we have to say and who are open to sharing their own experiences and thoughts.

So, thanks again for helping us be a blogging presence in the Dating & Relationship internet world.

We really appreciate it. Sharon and I have a few things in the works and will be sharing with you in the coming weeks!





  1. You ladies deserve the recognition! Thanks for the hard work you continuously contribute to the dating community 🙂

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