Posted by: Shar & Mare | April 11, 2011

MEN: Please learn how to Plan a Date!

How to plan a date!I am issuing a challenge to ALL MEN >>> Please learn how to plan a date!

Women want to be wooed. I don’t care how corny this sounds. It is true. Women want to feel special and they, on occasion, want to be surprised and swept off their feet. This may sound old fashioned, but every women deep down wants this. Although the independent women in them may not want to admit it.

Men … date planning is NOT rocket science. It takes a little thought, humor and creativity.

I feel that people dating tend to get into the same routine and don’t go out and explore or investigate new venues or options for a date.

NYC has thousands of restaurants. I went out with one guy a few years ago who always wanted to go back to the same restaurant because “we knew what we were getting.” Oh Dear God … how boring. How does one live life with such a boring philosophy or perspective. Shoot me. It was just one of many reasons we broke up.

There are plenty of tools available for you to come up with and find ideas and implement different types of dates. You can find out about any venue, entertainment, region, city or activity on the internet … use it!

Plan a picnic after a hike. Take your amour on a carriage ride in NYC and go for afternoon tea. Visit a museum and then go for dessert at a cozy/arty venue (Cafe Mozart for those in NYC). Get dressed up and go out on the town and have a sophisticated evening at a cabaret. Go wine tasting. Do a pub crawl. Visit some photo/art galleries and then hit a new Italian restaurant with a great wine list. Take a road trip and go antiquing and find a victorian inn to have lunch or dinner – you will need a rest after your purchases. Hit a comedy club and then a champagne bar afterward. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Don’t know a city … get on zagat or yelp or citysearch and look up venues or activities – read the reviews – and then just plan something. Plan a scavenger hunt – make it mysterious and fun. Hit Mystic (CT) and have lunch on the water and then head to Foxwoods (Casino in CT) for the night and have some late night fun. Sign up for a sailing lesson or golf lesson.

It may not be perfect, but your woman will love that you planned it out and took the initiative and treated her to a fun time.

Many times, you don’t have to look far to come up with an idea. Women tend to be very good at indicating their likes and dislikes. If you can remember them, then you have a solid base for some creative ideas.

Plan a relaxing afternoon at a spa for a couple of appointments and then make dinner for your soulmate or hit a chic new restaurant.

I personally love surprises. I welcome them. So, I want someone to take the initiative … find out about things to do and where to go (yes, it will take some time but isn’t your lady worth it?) … and take me on an adventure. Take a cooking class together at a local culinary school.

So step up men and get out and explore, enjoy and live life creating fun and adventure – all the foundation for great memories that live a lifetime. There is nothing more exciting than finding a great new restaurant … a new museum with a pic you can’t take your eyes off of … a new singer … a great new comedian … or some new area of the country that is pretty and engaging.

MEN >>> Are you up to the challenge? I hope you are. Trust me, your lady will love it and your thoughtfulness will be rewarded.

If you have any great date ideas … please let us know. Did you plan something special? If yes, let us know. We and our readers want to know!!




  1. Oh yeah, we love creativity! But men love this, too and I found out recently from talking to men that one of their beefs with romance is that women “expect” it, but don’t always give it back. So maybe the best way to encourage this type of behavior is for the women to step up first and then let their guy try and out-do them. (Nothing like a little competition of who can plan the best surprise date!)

    Check out:
    Men want romance, too – Find out their top date pick


    How to creatively plan your next date using special holdiays

    • Ooooh, a date competition…I like that idea Yvette. Love your Examiner articles on these topics too!
      Sharon 🙂

    • Being a person who loves competition … I like your suggestion. But I have sometimes found that you can give the guy hints and even take him on a creative date and they appreciate it but don’t think to reciprocate with the same creativity. So, maybe we need to explore how to get the guys to realize this and step up. 🙂 Mariann

  2. What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do? I don’t care, whatever you want to do. Argggghhhh. It does seem that women do all the planning. I know a lot of times they just want to make us happy but we’re not really that difficult to please. Are we…?

  3. Well, I don’t think we’re too hard to please, but then again…I don’t think like a guy. I went out with someone once who really could plan a lovely date, but he was always apologizing for his choices. I mean he was truly nervous that I wouldn’t like what he’d planned. I was always having to reassure him.

  4. I think alot of lazy guys see date planning as a sign of a “high-maintenance” woman. Yes, seeing a man put some thought into the night is very sexy – but on a more basic level, if I know what to expect then I know what to clothes and shoes to wear. At least let me know we’ll be walking alot so I don’t wear heels, or that we’re going to a taco stand so I don’t wear a flashy outfit. If you say “I dunno what we’re doing” then how the heck can I prepare.

  5. […] if a guy wants to “seal the deal” with me and flip me head over heels…this is the date that would do it. Hits all the right […]

  6. […] if a guy wants to “seal the deal” with me and flip me head over heels…this is the date that would do it. Hits all the right […]

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