Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 3, 2013

The Art Of Date Planning

A great date at the Central Park Lake
Date planning, especially in the early stages of a relationship is apparently daunting to some singles. Well, OK, mostly to men – or so it seems to Mariann and I. Personally we think it’s rather easy and can also be fun and creative, so we’re not quite sure why it seems so scary to so many singles.

On one of the online dating sites I’m on I describe what I’d consider to be a fun, creative and potentially romantic date. It goes like this:

“Explore Central Park on a crisp, sunny day. Lunch at the boat house, cuddle up for a boat ride on the lake (or maybe feeding the dolphins at the Zoo?) Cap off the day discovering the next great American playwright at an Off-Broadway show.”

Seriously, if a guy wants to “seal the deal” with me and flip me head over heels…this is the date that would do it. Hits all the right notes for me.

Well…someone emailed me thru the site and told me this date was too complicated. Really? I didn’t think so but, sadly, too many people just never get past the plain vanilla dinner or movie date.

Now, where I never mind the Saturday night at the movies date, I have to say I’m totally impressed by a guy who puts in just a tiny extra effort to plan a more creative date. I’ve planned dates for my man that are just a little different and take into account his likes and hobbies. A hike in our local mountains for the outdoorsy guy or a surprise outing to the Yankee game for the sports guy…these have all been welcomed and appreciated by the guys but still…they find it a bit of a chore, I think, to plan creative dates.

I keep insisting to my male friends that it’s not so hard, and the rewards for this fore thought are many. Some of them get it, but many don’t. I think if we break a great date down to a few simple components, it might make it easier. Let’s see:

1. Find out what she likes in terms of food, favorite places to go. Find out what her hobbies are or, if she’s athletic, what her favorite outdoor activities are. Plan a simple date around that…Sailing on a local lake, visit to a museum followed by dinner, tickets to a lecture by her favorite author. Guys…these things impress a woman!

2. Find out when she’s available for this date. Want to make it a surprise? Just get some open dates from her….TELL her you have a surprise outing planned, but not what it is. We LOVE surprises.

3. Be your gentlemanly best on the date and ENJOY yourself, even if you’re doing something you don’t necessarily like to do yourself. Nothing kills a good date faster than a bad attitude.

There. Simple, right? Do you have anything to add to this?

Do you like creative dates? Does your significant other know how to plan a great date? What’s the best date you’ve ever been on and what made it so great?

We’re really interested to hear your answers. Please, let us know!



  1. Lifebiteds is Fabulous. Thanks Mar and Sharon. Peggy

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