Posted by: Shar & Mare | January 23, 2012

10 Ideas for a Different Kind Of Date

Dinner. Check. Movies. Check. Hike. Check. Wine Bar. Check. Movie. Check again!

Planning a date is hard. It takes work, time, interest, creativity and some logistical capability. It is always good to step outside the box of boring and embark on a date that is different and fun and memorable.
I don’t want to hear any excuses. Yes, you can do it. Just try. Relax. Take a deep breath and let your mind wander. It will stumble on some bad ideas, but am sure a few good thoughts will lead to some praise worthy dates. Think about what you think your love would like and plan accordingly.

1. Sailing Lesson – head out for the seven seas and try your hand maneuvering a boat amidst the waves and wind.

2. Cooking Class – Who doesn’t love food? Take a cooking lesson together at a culinary institute and find the real way to your mate’s heart.

3. Painting Lesson in the Park – OK, so you may not be Van Gogh, but you can find your inner artist and let it free. Set up an easal and take an art/paint lesson together in the park.

4. Day at the Winery – Get a little tipsy as you sample some liquid grapes. Order a cheese and fruit platter, buy a bottle of wine and sit at one of the tables over looking the vineyard and have a mind blowing conversation. Hire a driver if you can, or make sure only one person is getting tipsy!

5. Plan a Picnic – Commune with mother nature and bask in the glow of your love below the swaying trees and near the babbling brook. Pack a tasty lunch, some bubbly, bring a big blanket and unwind. If there is a lake or pond, you may want to try a (skinny) dip.

6. Throw a gathering – Get your friends together and have a party. Find a cute pub that has a party room, order in a solo singer, serve up some appetizers and let the mingling and laughter begin.

7. Hot Air Ballooning – Up Up and Away … embrace your daredevil or overcome your fear of heights, as your love reaches a new elevation.

8. Dance Lesson – Say YES to some dirty dancing. Or, maybe even a waltz. OK so you won’t be on Dancing with the Stars, but you can have some fun trying to see what it would be like.

9. Night of Mystery & Murder – No, don’t worry — no one really dies. Or do they? Be scared and let your amour protect you while you partake in a night of mystery & murder. There are plenty of venues that offer Murder Mystery evenings/dinner. Take your date — but watch out for the Maitre’D.

10. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter – I know. You probably think I got my top ten lists mixed up. I didn’t. The world does exist outside our own universe. Show you care and give back by volunteering at a shelter and help cook and serve up food. You will have fun, bond and isn’t life about helping others? So, why not do it together?!




  1. Lovely post! Great ideas for all people.
    Its all about having fun.
    This article could add some more ideas to the article above.


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  3. I like #1, 6, 9 and 10, though I must say I’m not into dating since I’m perfectly happy being single for the time being. The problem with dating is how boring it is when all dates follow a predictable sequence of dinner, movie and drinks afterwards. I have somewhat resolved though (if I ever get in the game again) that all future dates would consist of outdoor activities. It’s a way for me to see if the guy can keep up with me.

    • We agree! The “typical” date can be so predictable and boring. When you’ve been dating for a while all the dinner-drink-movie dates start to blur into one huge date. Smart guys (and gals) will realize that the way to stand out from the pack is to be creative when planning the next date.

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